Your Logo Is The Center Of Your Marketing Universe

DJP Design LLC prospective clients often come to us confused and overwhelmed. They understand the importance of marketing. They know their marketing materials need to look professional, polished, and attractive. They know there are many aspects to creating effective marketing. But they don’t know where to start. Our advice? Start with a strong logo. Make a strong logo the center of your marketing universe.


Your Logo’s Purposes

A business logo combines visual imagery with text. It serves two purposes. Your logo tells people the name of your company or organization (we hope in a distinctive, memorable way). Secondly, your logo creates a visual image and look that represents you. Creating your logo is the place to start your marketing because your logo will represent you and be the first thing people notice on virtually every marketing piece you create: your website, social media pages, print brochures, advertisements, stationery, videos, postcards, blogs, sales presentations, business cards, and more.



Think about Nike. Chances are, when you think about this company and its products, the Nike Swoosh is the first thing that comes to mind. The Nike Swoosh is that company’s logo and it appears everywhere. Immediately, when people see the Swoosh they know the shoe, sports apparel, or other product is from Nike. It’s the center of the Nike marketing universe.

Yes, Nike is a huge company and your company may not be. But small companies benefit just as much from well-executed logos. At DJP Design LLC, we’ve created logos for several one-person companies. Every company wants to have a quality look and be memorable. You can achieve those objectives by using a well-designed logo on all your materials whether you have ten thousand employees or one.

We know one independent business writer who makes a well-designed logo the center of his company’s marketing universe. The logo appears on his stationery, PowerPoint presentations, stationery, business cards, newsletter, website, marketing brochure — everywhere. Clients tell him the logo distinguishes him from his competition, creates a great first impression, and is memorable.

Having a good logo and always using it helps you to stand out in the marketplace. It creates an image. And consistently using your logo gives people confidence that you’re established and can be trusted.


Logo Design Examples At DJP Design LLC

For examples of quality logo designs, go to our logo design page. DJP Design LLC logos have been successful for teen centers, child education centers, hair salons, financial planning agencies, restaurants, and more.


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