Why Low-Cost Graphic Design Is Way Too Costly

DJP Design LLC’s happy to miss out on some business. Great graphic design firms agree with us on this. We’ve lost potential business to the client willing to hire the still learning high school graphic designer working out of his bedroom closet. We’ve lost business to competitors willing to cut quality to save a dime. Some clients we run away from — like those that set as their primary goal getting the project done as cheaply as possible.

Like our founder Dale Pavlik says, “If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get your design work done, we’re not the firm for you.”

We’re not against low costs. Far from it.


Spend Wisely And Effectively

We favor spending every penny as effectively as possible. But in the vast majority of situations, spending wisely means you won’t get the least expensive work. Our aim is to provide high quality, effective work that produces business results for the client. That doesn’t allow us to cut corners and make every decision based on cost alone.


Going Cheap, In The Long Run, Costs More

DJP Design LLC goes a step further with this belief. We argue that low cost, in the long run, turns out to be high cost. When you do something inexpensively it frequently doesn’t last long. When you design something that’s not great but just average your product, service, or company comes across as just average or worse. There is a steep cost to coming across as a company that doesn’t care about quality. Low cost design can cost dearly in terms of your reputation and the cost-effectiveness of your marketing.

Budgets are important. We always work within the client’s budget, but when sticking with the budget means not doing the job right or not doing the job well, we say so and explain why and let the client decide how to best proceed.

DJP Design LLC is not the graphic design firm for everyone. We’re the design firm for clients who will spend the time and resources to do quality work, make long-lasting positive impressions, win marketplace results and create long-term relationships.


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