Why Brand Identity Is Essential

What is the face of your business? The face of your business is whatever image people think of when your business is mentioned. If they don’t think of any image or any content, then you don’t exist as far as that potential client is concerned.

You want people in your market to recognize the “face” of your business. When your business name comes up in conversation, when people are scrolling online, when they see your business listed, when they are in your marketplace, you want instant recognition. Instant recognition means you are known. Being known is the first and a most essential step in building a relationship with the client. And being known is one benefit you receive from a strong brand identity.

The Elements Of Brand Identity

Brand identity is how you want to portray your business to your customers. Elements of brand identity include your business name, business logo, and your organization’s tagline (if you have one). But it’s more than that. Brand identity is also formed by the colors, shapes, and graphic design elements you use and the tone of voice (friendly, savvy, professional, funny, etc.) your business content creates. No matter how big or small your business is, a strong brand reaps many benefits:

• Price Premium: Strong brands receive greater fees for their products and services.
• Quality Image: A good brand projects quality and people want to associate with quality.
• Recognition: Branding gets you noticed in a favorable way (especially important in a crowded marketplace).
• Loyalty: Clients tend to do repeat business with brands they respect.
• Differentiation: The right brand identity projects what makes your company unique and raises you above your competition.
• Strength: People view businesses that have a strong brand as reliable and experienced — that reduces the perceived risk they have in doing business with you.

Remember that building a brand identity only works if you are consistent. Use your brand identity in everything that may be seen by your clients and prospects. Don’t change your brand unless there are objective reasons to do so.

Brand Identity Examples At DJP Design LLC

For examples of quality brand identity, go to our our graphic design services page. In particular, see how the many separate communications for clients like “Rockin’ For The Outback,” “Newfleet Asset Management,” and “The Coca-Cola Company” establish positive, distinctive brand identities for those companies.

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