Typography: Much More Than Just Beauty

At DJP Design LLC, we define typography as the method and art of arranging type. How the words that make up your message on the page or screen look is typography. When we are creating typographic solutions for you we examine many factors:

• Typeface
Caslon, Futura, Georgia, Helvetica and Verdana are some examples of the hundreds of classic fonts to choose from.

• Color(s)
If we use more than one color we make sure they work well together. For all projects we make sure your content reads well against the background. We choose colors that reflect the personality or image of your organization (bold, friendly, advanced, serious, fun, etc.).

• Size of type (point size)
For ease of reading, your messages should appear in at least 10 point type for body text. To make readability easier, headlines, subheads and callouts should be in proportionally larger sizes.

• Maximum line length
Most research studies have found that a line of body text longer than 75 characters (including spaces) is less likely to be read and easily understood. Sometimes you need even shorter lines, say 50-60 characters.


Beauty Isn’t First

Of course, one purpose of the typography is to be attractive. You want the look of your content to appeal to people and draw them into your message. But eye appeal is only one of many purposes and not the major purpose. The major purpose of typography is to make reading your content easy — to draw your audience into your message. The less effort people have to expend to read your content the more likely they are to read it.

Readability helps engage prospects and clients and get them to view your content positively. So what makes content hard to read?
• Type sizes that are too small
• Fonts that are too ornate
• Colors that are too vivid

For examples of typography that attracts readership and makes reading easy see the DJP Design LLC work samples on our Graphic Design Work page, especially the Honor Wellness Center, Orange Life Magazine and Phoenix Life Insurance Company materials.


Typography’s Even More Important On Screens

Now that the overwhelming amount of reading is done on screens, typography is even more important. Reading off a screen is about 30 percent harder than reading off the printed page. Whatever your graphic designer can do to make reading off a screen more pleasurable and easy, is worth it.


See Examples Of What Works

Skim through some of of graphic design work samples to see examples of DJP Design LLC’s high quality, effective, and readable typographic solutions.


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