Here’s What Our Blogs Will Have In Store For You:

Come on a journey with me. I plan to make this blog a journey of learning and revelation about effective graphic design. If you’ve already spent some time on my website. You know that I’m different. While I love graphic design, I love getting business results for my clients even more. So, you and I will talk here about what makes design produce results. You’ll learn basics about how your logo and your brand can help you attract more notice and more success. Let me explain why cheap graphic design can be way too expensive.


Why A Blog? For You.

At DJP Design LLC we love smart clients. We want to help make you smarter. Let’s use this blog to get you educated so you become better at investing wisely in quality graphic design, logos, and marketing materials.


What You’ll Learn Here.

Bottom-line, while my passion is graphic design, my greatest accomplishments always start with design but the end with results for clients. Are you a lifelong learner like me? Do want more assurance that the design portion of your marketing budget is well spent? Do you care about making a good visual impression on business prospects? Do you want people to remember your organization? If your answers are yes, you’re in the right place. Come back here often to learn. People who read this website will learn how to take the look and feel of their company’s market presence from a T-shirt and jeans look to a tux and gown look. We’ll talk again soon.

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