The Case For Graphic Design Collaboration

The best design firms are not the best at everything. Great firms know their strengths and recognize they have a few weaknesses. They collaborate with other creatives (including other designers) to create the best end product for the client.

Some 20 years ago when DJP Design LLC was just getting started, we thought differently about this generalist vs. specialist issue. At that time, we thought it best attempt to do all things graphic. Being the single source for graphic design meant more repeat business and would foster loyalty. Now, 20+ years later, we argue the opposite.

Dale Pavlik, our founder and principal, is great at many types of graphic design work. But Dale has also found that the best results for the client often mean calling in a specialist for those things DJP Design LLC doesn’t have a lot of experience or expertise in.

Collaboration shows integrity. This website is an example. We could have created it ourselves with no outside graphic design help. But the year we built the site Dale and DJP Design LLC were not website design experts. On our own we could create a good, functional website. But with the outside help of the amazingly talented Cindy Wieting and her team at Wieting Design, we created an excellent site.

“On many complex client projects, the best course of action is to work with other designers,” Dale says. “I excel at typography, branding, logos, and more. But when a client needs original illustrations, my work won’t be as good as a designer who specializes in illustration artwork. We want to give clients the best possible results. If that means working with another designer, so be it.”

Another benefit of working with other designers is the creativity it can inspire. On the creativeblog Tom Dennis says that it’s in collaborative projects that much of the most astounding new creative work is to be found. He quotes Bruno Sellés of Barcelona-based studio Vasava: “Collaboration is about allowing yourself to become contaminated with other people’s ideas and visions.”

At DJP Design LLC working with others challenges us to think differently. You can get beyond your own experience, your own perceptions into fresher thinking. Another point of view can reveal hidden design solutions. And collaborating provides the opportunity to work with a wider range of talented, inspirational and like-minded creatives.

“It’s not a weakness to admit when you don’t have a strength in an area and you call in someone who does have that strength,” Dale says.


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What distinguishes DJP Design LLC from other graphic design shops? Part of what makes us unique is our philosophy and beliefs. We’ll cover that topic soon in another blog post.


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