Rebranding A Fortune 1000 Corporation, Part II

At a $10 billion international insurance corporation, DLP Design LLC Founder Dale Pavlik devoted two years to leading the 2,000+ employee corporation’s first rebranding campaign. Here’s the second half of this major success story.


Finding & Feeding Brand Champions

People throughout the corporation supported the rebranding effort. These brand champions were 25-30 employees who understood rebranding, knew its importance, and would talk it up with other employees. We gathered input, ideas, and information from these champions and included them throughout the process.

At rebranding workshops, they learned about the new tools and processes as we created them. The champions would go to their departments and teams and present their own workshops based on what we had presented to them earlier.


The Biggest Challenge

The most difficult challenge with this rebranding was its size. The volume of work was immense. It would have been easy to get overwhelmed.

We overcame that challenge by using a team of people and by prioritizing the work. The rebranding team discovered the logical hierarchy of which items to tackle first and how to efficiently and effectively roll out each aspect of the new brand.


Why the Rebrand Worked

Having one centralized look for the vast array of products and services built the brand image and made the corporation more memorable. Clients and prospects saw more clearly how large we were and how many products we could offer them. Costs went down. Efficiencies went up.

Another reason the rebrand worked was that we reintroduced the bird to the company (The Phoenix). In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. The phoenix gets new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor. Our new phoenix had wings that alluded to flames and conveyed motion. It gave the logo perceived action, life, and energy.


The Rebrand Introduction

The CEO introduced the new logo and brand at a major all-employee meeting. Employees greeted the rebranding with enthusiasm and support. Of course, one not so secret weapon was the support we had already built with the brand champions.


Lesson for Your Brand

A good brand must have strict standards that everyone adheres to or else the brand starts to loss the power of consistency in the marketplace. It takes a professional graphic designer’s expertise and diligence to keep the brand pure.


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