Our Professional Beliefs When It Comes To Graphic Design

Dale’s Unique Business Beliefs

Among the many factors that make DJP Design LLC stand out are the sometimes unique, sometimes unusual, beliefs our Founder and President Dale Pavlik has about business and graphic design. Here’s how Dale views his work world:


Strategy & Excellence

“I don’t just meet my clients’ strategic communications needs, I exceed them. My design work delivers bottom-line results for clients.”

“Creative excellence alone isn’t enough. Neither is a great business strategy. I strive to deliver both.”

“If you have to choose between great design and a great price choose great design every time.”

“In every DJP Design LLC project we aim for the “Wow!” response. Milton Glaser, a legendary graphic designer, first taught me this. Milton once wrote, ‘There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and Wow! Wow is the one to aim for.’”


What Works & What’s Essential

“Simplicity works. If a design is complex it makes the viewer work too hard and it stifles the impact. All great logos, in particular, have a simplicity that makes them look easy to create when just the opposite is true.”

“Creativity is not as important as functionality.”

“High ethics and values are essential. I require honesty, integrity, and professionalism from myself, my collaborators at DJP Design LLC, and from the clients we work with.”


DJP Design LLC: Our Passion & Our Distinctions

“My passion is branding campaigns. I love to see the difference a well-executed branding campaign makes in bottom line results.”

“I am not about wiz-bang trendy gadgetry or effects. I’m all about substance, results, and getting the job done.”

“Great graphic designers are listeners. We are observers. We are business thinkers. We ask a lot of questions, do a lot of research, and spend lots of time thinking before the actual design process begins.”

“If you try to design something that everyone will love you’re likely to design something that no one will like.”

“The greatest expert in graphic design is the client. The client best knows the audience and the purpose.”

“If you can’t remember the logo or the design it’s not an effective logo or design.”


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Coming Up:

Some billboards waste the client’s money. Others are worth much more than the client paid. We’ll give you some details and examples in a future blog post.


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