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In an earlier post we talked about 5 characteristics of a great logo. Great logos are simple, memorable, scalable, relevant, and timeless. Still, modern graphic design involves innovation and change. Here are some interesting innovations DJP Design LLC has noticed in 2018 and 2019.



In the past, logos were always, always, always the same: Same elements, same positioning, same typefaces, same colors. In recent years some corporations are using variable versions of their logo. For example, Mastercard now uses its iconic interlocking circles without the Mastercard name. Innovations like this are, in part, a response to the digital world where screens are getting smaller and smaller. Mastercard made the change after months of research into how the company can best meet the demands of the tech-driven world.

Check out the Coca-Cola, Nike, and Chanel logos. If you see those logos in varying sizes, you’ll see the logos have fewer and fewer elements as the size or space gets smaller and smaller.



At DJP Design LLC we’ve seen some logos designed to trick the eye or bend your perception. These logos can appear three dimensional. The EdgeBoard logo seems to bend around a corner. What appears to be an “E” morphs into a “B”. Such visual tricks can attract attention and make your logo more memorable. Our own design for Virtus ETF Solutions (on our Logo Design Work page) features a stylized “V” that has a three-dimensional look.



Some modern logos overlap elements. With two overlapping Ps in its logo, PayPal is credited with being one of the first companies to adopt this logo design technique. Other major brands have recently started using this approach.


Negative Space

The FedEx logo may be the most celebrated negative space logo and it’s hardly new, but we’re seeing more companies use this technique. In logo design, negative space is the background space around and between the subject of an image. For example, in the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium logo, the positive space shows a tree while the negative space around that tree shows a profile of a gorilla’s head on one side and a lion’s head on the other.

In the FedEx logo an arrow is hidden in the negative space. To some viewers, the arrow suggests a forward direction or the speed at which the company delivers packages. Other companies use negative space to hide a shape, image, or text. Done well, this can add an element of surprise and sophistication.

Start looking carefully at logos. You’ll find many more innovations like logos that replace a letter with an illustration. Innovation keeps the world of graphic design fresh and modern.

See some of DJP Design LLC’s own logo design work here.


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