How Important Is Typography?

Why Successful Businesses Care About Typography

Typography — the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing — is critical to businesses. Unless your typography makes your business messages attract the eye and is easy to read, your business prospects will not read your content. You want marketing messages that look inviting and straightforward. You don’t want people struggling to decipher cryptic messages hidden behind poor color choices, messy styles and sizes of type (fonts), and unprofessional presentation.


Readability & Contrast Are Essential

Most important is that your text be in a readable font and have high contrast. Readable fonts on screens include Arial, Verdana, and Helvetica. Fonts like these are familiar to people and come standard, so you can be sure the text will be visually the same on every screen. Contrast refers to the amount of difference between the words and the background those words appear on. You’ve probably seen business messages on a dark background with relatively dark type — that’s poor contrast and doesn’t work well. Neon colors also don’t work well because they make text hard to read.


Typography Attracts Readers

You want typography that’s attractive and presents your message in a professional way. Effective typography conveys the right mood or feeling and projects competence. These and other attributes of good typography help you gain the trust of your prospects and customers.


Typography Helps Apple Stand Out

I like New York-based designer James Puckett’s comment on the difference between Apple’s typography and Kmart’s. Puckett says, “One reason Apple’s stores look so good is the careful and consistent application of [the typeface] Myriad. But Kmart’s careless mashup of Helvetica, Gill Sans, News Gothic and Gotham looks like, well, Kmart.”


Typography Communicates Your Business’s Personality

Typography’s much more than a choice of font and color. It includes many details that you don’t realize your business prospects notice: The appearance of the punctuation, the space between words and letters, the shape and combinations of type, and the nuance of contrast and hierarchy. Typography gives people a taste for your business’s personality and qualities. With the right typography you can make your written business messages look established, fun, handmade, successful, technically advanced, clean, child-friendly, rebellious, antique, artisan, eclectic, modern, blue-collar, edgy or highly educated. It can convey nearly any quality you want to convey. Typography sells. Typography matters.


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