Graphic Design Mistakes To Avoid

At DJP Design LLC we’ve seen certain major graphic design errors over and over. This post is one attempt to help you use your design dollars most effectively by avoiding some of the most costly and common graphic design mistakes we see in the marketplace.


Emphasizing Design Over Results

You’re not in a beauty contest. You don’t even want your graphic design to be the focus. You want your design to contribute your overall business goal — whether that’s getting people to fill out a survey or pick up the phone or download a file or anything else. Great graphic design produces not just something easy to look at and admire. Great graphic design contributes to business results.


Overthinking And Overdesigning

Great designers don’t use everything in their skill set in every design. Just because the designer can add something to a design doesn’t mean they should. Simple design is often better design. The more elements in a design the harder your prospects and clients have to think to extract your message. Think of the logos and design you find most appealing. I bet they are simple not cluttered.


Being Cursed By Cursive

Cursive writing can be beautiful but make sure it’s readable. With some cursive a “g” can look like an “h”, a “b” can read like an “l”, an “n” can look “m”-ish. Always consider readability whenever you’re using words. If the words can’t easily be read you message can easily be dead.


Breaking Words Poorly

At DJP Design LLC we saw an ad that tried to gain attention by breaking the headline into four stacked parts:

The ad (for apprenticeships) caused mass confusion because the word broken into four parts are their own words. The ad had nothing to do with rent or ice or ships. If your marketing materials break words like this, your audience will be instantly puzzled and won’t take the time to figure out your message.


Going Font Wild

Some non-professionals (and even a few professional designers) make the mistake of “dressing up” their message with lots of different fonts. They’ll combine Arial with Bodoni with Georgia with Lato with whatever other font suits their fancy. The result is a chaotic, disorganized, unprofessional look. Always use 1-3 fonts only. Always.


Using Too Much Text And Too Few Visuals

This may be the fastest way to turn your audience off. Too many words make your materials look hard to read and time-consuming. Create an inviting first impression with color and image and white space.

A graphic design mistake could significantly harm your entire brand. Always use experienced professional designers. Have several people review designs and critique them. Know the risks like those mentioned above and avoid them.


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Coming Up:

Let’s do more than just avoid mistakes. Let’s celebrate and immolate some of the great success stories of graphic design. That’s coming up in a blog post soon to appear here.


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