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In his 2017 book, Building A Story Brand, Don Miller talks about marketing in a way that makes clients heroes. Miller’s marketing approach is clear, easy to understand, and communicates a compelling story. DJP Design LLC agrees with much of what StoryBrand CEO Don Miller recommends. And his marketing technique works. He’s helped 3,000+ businesses clarify their messages and grow.

You Are Not The Hero

Miller says successful businesses do not make their own business the hero of their marketing. Your clients don’t care about your success. They care about their own success. So you’re smart if you make your clients heroes.

The Number One Attribute of Good Marketing

We agree with Miller that you could spend millions on your logo, graphic design, and marketing content and still fail if don’t deliver a clear message. DJP Design LLC believes clarity is the most critical component of good marketing. That’s true for the words you use and for the graphic designs you use. Your company’s message should be simple, relevant, and repeatable.

At DJP Design LLC, we add another component to Miller’s marketing strategy: Being distinctive. By distinguishing your company you become unique and memorable. Make sure people know what’s different about you.

Telling a Compelling Story

People love stories. They remember stories. Stories feel more like entertainment than salesmanship. Miller recommends, and we agree, that a good story has a character who has a problem and meets a guide who gives them a plan. The guide calls the main character (or hero) to action, the hero avoids failure, and then reaches success.

Make your customer the main character and eventual hero of your marketing story. Solve a real problem for customers. Your company should be the hero’s guide and your service or product the plan or route to success. The call to action is buying your product or service and thus avoiding a major problem and reaching a goal the customer cares about.

Good Graphic Design Improves Clarity And Helps Tell Your Story

Professional graphic design presents a clear image of your message. That means having an easy-to-understand logo that visually represents a benefit you provide. It means having a brand that’s consistent so you are recognized in a favorable way and make a great impression every time. Graphic design can also help you tell a compelling story.

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We have the expertise and the experience to help you market with clarity, tell a compelling story, and make your customer or client a hero.

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