Evocative Business Storytelling

While I am a classically-trained graphic designer and effective project leader, I’m most proud of my reputation as an evocative storyteller. One recent school client was amazed at how a new logo told their story graphically and visually. On that project DJP Design LLC communicated the transformation of a child through a graphic. 
Now that’s fun and rewarding.

Your Audience Will Believe and Act

Why this right-brained/left-brained approach? Graphic design is more than beauty. It’s about combining compelling visuals with strategic communication. It’s about being creative and effective. It’s about attracting attention and getting results. DJP Design LLC merges imagery, lines, color, and textures to reveal a brand’s depth and attract the senses. Graphic design is about persuading viewers to think, feel, believe, 
and act.

Results-Oriented Approach

Here at DJP Design LLC my team and I practice inventive artistry with the mindset of a resourceful CEO. Translation: It’s not enough to have a clean, attractive logo, brand, or other graphic design solution. My designs, our designs, positively impact business results.


AR 100, Annual Report Competition Award   |   Connecticut Art Directors Club Award

Graphic Design: USA Award   |   Print’s Regional Design Annual Award

Me & Revealing a Secret

Creating excellent graphic design takes a good client and a good designer, but that’s not nearly enough. The secret is that great graphic design is most determined by understanding and filling your audience’s need. If your audience responses positively, if your audience is moved to act, if your audience remembers you, if your audience becomes more loyal — then the design that made that happen is great. Let’s create excellent graphic design together.

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